Presenting our very first collaboration, I interviewed Lily about her journey to becoming a print designer.

JL:Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 
LWW:I am a freelance print designer based in Manchester, I studied Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design at Leeds Arts University and graduated last year (2019). I love everything and anything colourful, and most of my work is inspired by nature.

JL:Tell us a bit about your path to becoming a print designer. What first inspired you to start designing?

LWW: I began studying illustration at Brighton University back in 2015 and soon realised that I
was mainly drawn to patterns and shapes instead of actual illustration. I left that course
after a year to start the Printed Textiles course in Leed. I absolutely loved this course
and met some incredible people, it was maybe my second year into it that I realised I
needed to become a print designer as I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do. I
graduated in 2019 and have been collaborating with companies and selling my work
ever since!

JL: Your prints are so unique, where do you draw your inspiration from?

LWW:Thank you! I love to get inspiration from the natural world around me, going for walks in the countryside and just getting out is really inspiring and helps my designing process a lot. I am also inspired by all the incredible artists out there, my main source of artist inspiration come from Instagram! It’s great because it allows me to see and connect with artists all over the world who I wouldn’t usually get the chance to meet and learn about.  

JL: What kind of emotions do you wish your clients to feel when looking at your prints?

LWW: I hope my prints make people feel as happy and as bright as the colours and shapes used in them. I try to make my prints as fun and as playful as possible!

JL: What drew you yo collaborating with Laine’s Room?

LWW: I love the products that Laine’s Room sells, and I was so excited to collaborate on designs for children as I’d never actually produced prints in that sector before! You are lovely and it’s been such a pleasure to work with you!

 JL: Do you have any advice for women trying to pursue creative paths?

LWW:Go for it! Don’t be put off by things not working out and people not liking your work, it happens to everyone and trust me,
it makes you stronger as a creative. If it’s what you love doing and it makes you happy, try as hard as you can to make it
possible and don’t give up, because good things are soon to come!

Our print collaboration with Lily, will be going live today!

The collection has four prints: Dino Town, Flower Power, Lemon Squeeze & 1,2,3 with me!

You can find Lily on instagram @lilywindsorwalker! x

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