“Re-exploring my childhood through my children”

 I caught up with founder of  Imagiart to speak to us about all things, parenthood and  children’s art coming to life!

JL: How would you like to be known?

J: Jess from Imagiart  

JL: How many children do you have and what are their ages?

J:2 boys, aged 3 and 5

JL: I’m intrigued, what does parenthood mean to you? 

J: Parenthood is tough and life changing but for me it has helped to complete my life. I love being able to re-explore my childhood via my children and to feel that I am creating two human beings who will go out in to the world and (hopefully) make a positive impact on the lives of others. It’s a huge responsibility but at the same time it’s a great honour

JL: Let’s delve a bit deeper into your business, so tell me how did the idea  for Imagiart come about!

J: When my first son was born, 1 started doing an art class and started generating amazing, A3/A2 pieces of artwork.. I loved them, so stuck as many as I could around the kitchen but soon ran out of room. I started to think about what else I could do with them?. I didn’t want to just store them so they couldn’t be enjoyed – so I started googling and found this amazing collage print of about 70 pieces of art all in one picture. I thought this was a great idea so tried to find a website/company that did these and couldn’t find one. I then set about on my Imagiart journey! 

JL: So that’s how you got started? 

J: Yeah, nearly 3 years later, I started with my name, logo and branding then started on my website.

JL: What is your vision for your business? 

J: I’m not sure taking over the world is part of my agenda but I am proud to have set something up on my own and it feels really good to be supporting myself and not relying on my husband’s income. It would be nice to be generating enough income to warrant hiring a member of staff to help ease the pressure.

JL: Being that your sons are still quite young , how have you found the balance between starting a business and being a mother ?

J: It’s tricky – especially during the holidays. I always prioritise time with my kids so end up working evenings a lot.

JL: What are your tips for managing both family life and a business? 

J: As for tips, I’m not sure! I guess just to try not to stress about whether you’re doing a good job, just try your best and don’t compare yourself to other people. Everyone’s situations are so different, you can only do your best.

Also, don’t worry about having a tidy house! Tidy houses are boring houses. 

If you’re interested in getting in contact with Jess, to turn your children’s artwork into family treasures. 

You can find her @imagiartuk on Instagram and at www.imagiart.co.uk

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